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CNN takes a little swat at partisan competitors Fox News Channel and MSNBC

Sticking to its comparatively down-the-middle approach while Fox News Channel and MSNBC respectively lean heavily to the right and left, CNN has launched a promo that for the first time names names.

Actually, it only shows FNC and MSNBC affixed to the elephant and donkey mascots of the Republican and Democratic parties. The accompanying CNN come-on says in part, "When you support one party or the other, that's OK if you're a voter. But not if you are a news network."

FNC's Nov. 2nd election night coverage beat all competitors, including ABC, CBS and NBC. CNN ran fifth, edging MSNBC.

The original all-news cable network has been hesitant to directly attack its competitors while at the same time losing major ground to both FNC and MSNBC. On non-election nights, FNC consistently dominates in prime-time while MSNBC's regular lineup usually beats CNN's. Lately in prime-time, CNN also has been coming up short of its sister network HLN, formerly Headline News.

Here's the promo: