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Q&A: Oct. 11

Question: When will Dancing with the Stars' Seasons 1-4 be available on DVD?

Answer: So far there's no announcement on that. But you could bide your time with Dancing with the Stars -- Cardio Dance or Dance with Len Goodman, featuring the show's veteran persnickety judge. Both are available on DVD.

Question: Can you inform me when The Amazing Race will return?

Answer: CBS has ordered a 12th edition for sometime later this season. There's no air date or night yet. Amazing Race recently won its fifth consecutive Emmy as prime-time's best "Reality-Competition" series. It hasn't lost since the category was created. (Note: CBS since has announced that Amazing Race will return on Sunday, Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. (central), in place of the canceled Viva Laughlin).

Question: I heard some scuttle that Journeyman was going to be canceled pretty quick by NBC. I like the show and was wondering if it's going to make a full run.
Jason Hutto

Answer: Ratings haven't been great so far, but NBC has ordered additional scripts. Looking into the future, I doubt that Journeyman will be a long distance runner. But it should be good to go at least through the November "sweeps" unless ratings really start plummeting. NBC's press site so far has episodes scheduled through Nov. 5.

Question: How much wiggle room do you think Bionic Woman has. I saw your note that the ratings had dipped. I'm a fan, mainly because I enjoy looking at Michelle Ryan.
Derrick Dennis

Answer: Although ratings have calmed down, Bionic Woman is still NBC's most-watched new series. As with Journeyman, the Peacock has ordered additional scripts. It's probably the best bet to go a full season among the network's four newcomers.

Question: I complete agree with your review of (NBC's) Life. I think it's the best show of the new season. What's your take on these shows -- Dirty Sexy Money (ABC), K-Ville (Fox), Big Shots (ABC) -- and whether they'll make it?
Jason Mathis

Answer: I didn't think much of K-Ville, although the second episode was better than the first. I doubt it will last past midseason. It's in a no-win time slot on Mondays against Dancing with the Stars, Heroes and Two and a Half Men.

Dirty Sexy Money is well-acted, fun to watch and likely to get a full season run with decent ratings so far opposite CSI: NY.

Didn't like Big Shots, although it does have some OK moments. It's definitely a long shot to make it for a full season.