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"Some goofball, some dork from wherever"

Strange daze: Joaquin Phoenix with David Letterman. CBS photo

CBS reports that more than 2.5 million viewers dined on a Web clip of Joaquin Phoenix/David Letterman within 36 hours of its Feb. 11th telecast on that old thing known as a TV set.

"Additionally," says CBS, "clips of the interview have been shared thousands of times through user-embedded players on social networks and blogs, underscoring the complementary relationship between on-air and online."

We'd like to further underscore that complementary relationship with a clip from Letterman's perhaps even more bizarre encounter with Crispin Glover on the host's old NBC Late Night program. It originally aired on July 28, 1987.

Stick around after Letterman walks off and then walks back on to brand Glover "some goofball, some dork from wherever." You'll hear Dave being jeered by some members of his studio audience. And he doesn't much like it. Enjoy.

Chat with stars of TNT's Trust Me

Tom Cavanaugh and Eric McCormack of TNT's new Trust Me

Wanna chat live with the cast of TNT's Trust Me? You can from 10 to 11 p.m. (central) immediately after the Monday, Feb. 9th episode.

Participating are stars Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanaugh plus other cast regulars Monica Potter, Griffin Dunne, Sarah Clarke, Mike Damus and Geoffrey Arend.

Get your hookup and post your advance questions here.