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new jerryseinfeld.com is fun, but not navigable enough right now

The brand new jerryseinfeld.com not surprisingly is all about him.

But if he's being a show-off, it's to our advantage. Let him explain under the "What Is This?" heading, in which Seinfeld notes that he started watching stand up comics on TV when he was 10 years old.

"I fell in love with them and I'm just as fascinated with stand up comedy today," he says. Furthermore, "when I started doing TV, I saved every appearance on every show I did."

So what he's done lately is sift through all of his old stuff and pick three brief bits a day to post on his website. They all "still amuse me for some reason or another," he says. "Somewhere out there are ten year olds like I was just waiting to get hooked on this strange pursuit. This is for them. I'm just hoping somehow it will keep this silliness going."

One of his three Wednesday, May 11th submissions is "Rooting For Laundry." with which he regaled David Letterman during a 1994 appearance on his show. Fans who cheer for sports teams, he says, are really "rooting for clothes" because the players keep changing from season to season. It's an amusing little sniglet.

Here's one problem, though. Right now you can't access the previous day's bits. Or anything else other than the three riffs currently on Seinfeld's daily menu. So you may not see this in time to watch "Rooting For Laundry." But you may be just in time to take in the Thursday, May 12th trio of "Golf is an avoidance technique; Closed captioned for the movie impaired" and "The post office is like a lava lamp."

Seinfeld needs to fix this. Otherwise it's a great idea.