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The May ratings "sweeps" are a big plus for Fox4

Fox4 dominated the just-concluded May ratings “sweeps” in the four major, four-way local newscast battlegrounds. All the details and comments are on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Plus, Fox4 has hired a new anchor for its weekend editions of Good Day, and she’ll be making a massive market jump. Read all about her right here.

Also, HBO premieres another original movie, The Tale, on Saturday, May 26th, and our review is here.
Ed Bark

Flaming out with HBO's new version of Fahrenheit 451

HBO’s remake of Ray Bradbury’s famed book-burning opus, Fahrenheit 451, flickers without nearly enough spark. It premieres on Saturday, May 19th, and the review is here.

Plus, here’s our take on the overall tenor of the 2018-19 TV season, in which one broadcast network made a U-turn while another also acted out of character.
Ed Bark

ABC and CBS sign on with their new season reveals

The latest new seasons for ABC and CBS are now in place -- and of course subject to change.

For now, though, it’s all balloons and party favors. You can find out all about ABC’s 2018-19 lineup here and see what CBS has planned right here.
Ed Bark

NBC/Fox put their new seasons forward

NBC and Fox have announced their 2018-19 seasons. In signs of these times, they have a combined total of just five genuine new fall series coming.

Still, there’s much to write about. Our in depth look at NBC is here, and you can find the Fox blow-by-blow right here.
Ed Bark

Shakeups on two fronts at D-FW's Fox4, with meteorologist Jennifer Myers exiting while the early morning Good Day further turns back the clock to a 4 a.m. start

It’s been a busy day, with exclusives on both meteorologist Jennifer Myers’ impending departure from Fox4 and the station firing up an even earlier start for its No. 1-rated Good Day.

Also, a commentary on the sexism in play -- by women of power -- at both Fox4 and TEGNA8.
Ed Bark