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Merry Thanksgiving to all

Have a great feast of family, friends and food, everybody. Meanwhile, the Monday-Tuesday D-FW ratings “snapshot” is posted. And in case you still want to partake, unclebarky.com has reviews of two looks at how the first Thanksgiving came to be.

The review of National Geographic Channel’s two-part Saints & Strangers can be found right here. And the review of PBS’ The Pilgrims is here.
Ed Bark

Crackle paints unpretty pictures with first original drama series, The Art of More

Another streamer gets into the drama business, with Crackle the venue and The Art of More its first original series in that genre. Dennis Quaid is the executive producer and name brand cast member. And our review is here.

Also, the Thursday D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

National Geo drives an old Plymouth in nicely mounted Saints & Strangers miniseries

Vincent Kartheiser veers far off from his Pete Campbell role on Mad Men as the principal star of National Geographic Channel’s Saints & Strangers. Premiering Sunday, Nov. 22nd, it’s a satisfying four-hour miniseries that chronicles the first Thanksgiving and its aftermath from the perspectives of the new settlers and the Native American incumbents. Our review is here.

Plus, Wednesday’s D-FW Nielsen rating “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

Amazon's less than cheery The Man in the High Castle puts U.S. on losing end of WWII

Amazon takes a bold swing with the post-World War II drama series The Man in the High Castle, which begins streaming all 10 Season One episodes on Friday, Nov. 20th. Premise: Nazis and the Japanese have divided up the United States. Our review is here.

Also, Tuesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

Coming this midseason . . .

Three of the Big Four broadcast networks have numerous changes coming in early 2016. ABC and Fox have put out detailed blueprints, NBC is dribbling things out and CBS as usual doesn’t have to do a whole lot because most of its shows are in good working order. Plus, CBS is the network of Super Bowl 50. Get all the latest upcoming programming info on our TV Bulletin Board page.

Plus, NBC and NBC5’s late night news roll in Monday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot.”
Ed Bark