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Showrunner Matt Nix talks about the nixing of Dallas as future home of Fox's The Gifted

Fox’s Marvel mutants series, The Gifted, is now filming in Atlanta after jilting Dallas post-pilot. Show runner Matt Nix persuaded the network to shoot The Gifted’s opening hour in Dallas after his earlier very positive experience with 2010’s The Good Guys. He talks to unclebarky.com about what happened and why he’s still a little bummed about it.

Also, a January 2007 TV “press tour” panel with Donald Trump, Don Jr. and Ivanka offers telling evidence that they’re very much the same now as they were then. Which of course isn’t good.

Plus, Wednesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

NBC's Marlon offers a whole lotta (and too much) Marlon

Marlon Wayans stars in the new NBC sitcom Marlon. Boy, does he ever. Seldom has a comedic actor wolfed down scenery to this extent. It premieres on Wednesday, Aug. 16th with back-to-back episodes, and our review is here.
Ed Bark

D-FW comings, goings and bad breaks. Plus a review of Epix's new and very good Get Shorty

Your friendly content provider is finally back from the summer Television Critics Association “press tour.” So it’s time to catch up.

On our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page, you’ll find a coming, a going, a bad break and a sell-off. Plus, check out the opening night D-FW ratings for Bravo’s Season 2 premiere of Real Housewives of Dallas.

Also, a review of Epix’s new series version of Get Shorty after seeing the first six episodes.
Ed Bark

Heading west for another bout with the summer TV Critics Association "press tour"

A little piggy in a blanket, Uncle Barky? And so it begins yet again. Photo: Ed Bark

@unclebarkycom on Twitter
The Television Critics Association’s annual summer “press tour” gets underway this week, and your friendly content provider is heading west once again to arduous Beverly Hills.

The damned thing will stretch all the way through Aug. 9th, when FX typically puts an end to it with a full day of interview sessions. I’ll be there almost for the duration, missing just a handful of early panels on Tuesday, July 25th after arriving in mid-afternoon on that day.

Unclebarky.com will go dark during that time, with all of my dispatches being filed for the New York City-based tvworthwatching.com. You can read them here. (Note to readers: The publishing mechanism I use makes it very complicated to publish via a laptop or other device. And I’m not about to mess with it.)

My first press tour was in the summer of 1980, well before cable networks became a force and also pre-dating the launch of the Fox network, the Internet and latter day streamers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Only ABC, CBS and NBC “presented” during that 1980 tour. Now it’s an almost impossibly crowded field.

So please wish me luck as I strive to remain both ambulatory and of reasonably sound mind. Unclebarky.com will fire up again in mid-August.

Email comments or questions to: unclebarky@verizon.net

NBC's Midnight, Texas gets its supernatural on

From the author of the books that prompted HBO’s True Blood, here’s another otherworldly series with vampires.

But it also has a witch, a “fallen angel,” a shape-shifter, a psychic, a talking cat and even a few fairly straight humanoids without any apparent supernatural abilities. NBC’s Midnight, Texas is coming on Monday, July 24th and our review is based on watching the first six episodes.

Plus, Netflix’s Ozark begins streaming on Friday, July 21st. Watched all 10 Season One episodes before posting this review.

Also, another new D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is ready and able on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark