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CBS11 puts a little frosting on the cake of otherwise secret Romo-Crawford wedding (updated)

Candace Crawford and Tony Romo were last seen on TV together singing carols on a CW33 Christmas special shortly before she resigned from the Dallas-based, Tribune-owned station. Photo: Ed Bark

Where, when and how they'll be married remains a closely guarded secret.

But the marriage of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and former CW33 sports reporter Candice Crawford is likely to be a pretty pricey affair. Take it from their wedding planner, Todd Fiscus, who recently spilled a little dish to CBS11.

The station cannily tied the story to last week's royal wedding of William and Kate, although interviewer Teresa Frosini (who also does traffic reports for CBS11) may have spread the frosting a little thick with her description of Romo and Crawford as "a North Texas prince and princess."

Fiscus has charged some princely sums in the past, though, telling Frosini that he's arranged "multiple events" that cost more than $2 million and one that topped out at $7.5 million. He's also no stranger to star quarterback nuptials after putting together the post-wedding party for New York Giants signal-caller Eli Manning.

The Romo-Crawford celebration will have "an almost effervescent feel to it," Fiscus said. "It's going to be very active and fun."

Because of the big 'n' brawny guest list, with many of Romo's teammates expected to attend, there will be plentiful "man food" plus "just incredible music," Fiscus said. He described Romo as "The Music Man" who's selected all of the tunes.

That's all he would say, at least during Frosini's on-camera piece. "What a fun job. I think I want to be an intern," she cooed before co-anchor Doug Dunbar added a "Way to go, 'Fro,' " postscript.

(TMZ reported Wednesday (May 4th) that the Romo-Crawford wedding will be on May 28th at Dallas' Arlington Hall in Lee Park. And The Dallas Observer subsequently displayed a wedding invitation from the parents of Antonio Ramiro Romo and Candice Loren Crawford. In an appearance on WFAA's Good Morning Texas Wednesday, Crawford declined to talk specifics.)

My heart's not too atwitter over the initial CBS11 report, but it's the sort of story that can get people talking. So no harm, no foul and so far no invite for unclebarky.com. Here's the video: