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Corning in a shower with a naked older guy? Not a good idea for this latest Daybreak comedy spot

The Ron Corning promo parade marches on -- and in this case hits the wall.

WFAA8, steadily gaining ground in the early morning ratings race, has been running a series of Corning-centric Daybreak comedy spots since early fall. They're all well-produced and in several cases quite funny.

But this latest one's pretty much a stinker, particularly in light of the ongoing Penn State scandal and its prime-target's televised contention that he was just "horsing around" with the young boys with whom he apparently regularly showered.

"I really want viewers to feel like I'm with them," Corning tells co-anchor Cynthia Izaguirre while cluing her to his latest self-promoting brainstorm, called "Ron-dezvous."

A fully clothed Corning then is shown standing behind an unclothed, pot-bellied older man in the shower. He yells in surprise, with Corning then mimicking him.

Back at the Daybreak anchor desk, Izaguirre reacts less than enthusiastically. "OK, that one might be illegal," she tells Corning.

"I have other ideas," an undeterred Corning replies. "I'm full of ideas."

"Yeah, you're full of it all right," she snipes. End of spot.

No. 1, this is supposed to be a playful retort on her part. But unlike an earlier "More Ron" spot, Izaguirre instead comes off as as wearily resigned, if not bitter.

No. 2, it's just not a good idea right now to put a boyish-looking anchor in the shower with an older guy. (Or at least he looks older.) The spot obviously was filmed before the ongoing shocking events at Penn State. But wiser heads should have known enough to pull it from the Corning promo sequence rather than air it as planned. Even under the best of circumstances, it doesn't measure up to the previous spots. And in these worst of circumstances, it's positively creepy.

You may feel otherwise, though. Here's the "Ron-dezvous" spot.