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One size fits all? Not when it came to this quickly yanked, corporate-produced promo for nbcdfw.com (updated)

As recently reported, Fort Worth-based KXAS-TV's (NBC5) marketing and promotions departments are being gutted next month in favor of largely out-sourcing those duties to Peacock corporate headquarters in New York.

NBC calls it "a new kind of marketing approach that better reflects the demands of today's local media marketplace."

One of the first manifestations didn't go over so well, at least not in D-FW. Sources tell unclebarky.com that a "Meet Ted" promo for nbcdfw.com was pulled from KXAS after a day or so because of numerous viewer complaints. They apparently were insulted by the sight of an underwear-clad "average high-end real estate broker on house arrest" who stays in the know by dialing up the Peacock on his laptop.

The interchangeable spots below are for KXAS and for NBC's owned-and-operated station in Miami. The visuals are identical, with a narrator dropping in the name of the respective websites and a localized "kicker" at the end.

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