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From the mind of NBC5 reporter/anchor Kim Fischer . . . (updated)

It's perilous to post any more fun lovin' pictures of NBC5 reporter/anchor Kim Fischer. Her photographer, Bob Manzano, might get all litigious again.

But a recent April 6th tweet of hers (the one below on "girlfights") might be worth a thousand pictures. Lest I'm mistaken, you just don't joke about something like this. Particularly when you're representing the NBC-owned-and-operated television station in the country's fifth most populous media market.

Perhaps all North Texas TV stations should take a closer look at how some of their anchors and reporters are using social media. These are new times to be sure. And having a little fun on Twitter or Facebook is hardly a capital crime. But Fischer, for one, just doesn't seem to have a very good compass. We all live and learn, though. So maybe she will, too.

(Later Monday, Fischer "protected" her Tweets, enabling only confirmed Followers to read them. She also re-wrote her Twitter page's introduction, which now reads: "A reporter who believes a sense of humor should not take away from Journalistic integrity . . . but what the heck do I know, really?")