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"Chip, Clarice and Dale: Only on Channel 4"

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A vintage Clarice Tinsley talks approvingly about sports anchor Dale Hansen’s penchant for having fun in this 30-second, 1982 spot for KDFW-TV (Channel 4), then a CBS affiliate station.

She then gives way to a still picture of Hansen while an announcer intones, “Dale.” This is prelude to the closing “Chip, Clarice and Dale: Only on Channel 4.”

As towering D-FW anchor trios go, the only one ever to match these three was WFAA-TV’s combo of news anchors Tracy Rowlett and Iola Johnson, and sports anchor Verne Lundquist. Back then, these super-potent drawing cards clashed head-to-head at 6 and 10 p.m. in a star-driven battle for ratings supremacy that this market hasn’t seen since.

Chip Moody eventually wound up at WFAA-TV before dying of cancer in 2001 at the age of 54. Tinsley remains at KDFW (now better known as Fox4) and Hansen left KDFW to join WFAA in 1983 (he’s still there) after being fired by the same news director who had sacked him in Omaha.

Local TV news was far more fun -- and in Moody’s case, also more tragic -- back when two teams of giants in their primes played hard both on and off the air.

Here’s the Tinsley promo for her old KDFW teammate:

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