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"Dirty Dining" promo still mmm mmm goofy

Sorry, but I just can't help falling in love with this throwback KXAS-TV (NBC5) promo for the station's old series of hard-to-swallow "Dirty Dining" reports.

The 30-second spot stars an unbilled actor as an unrepentant, cigarette-smoking, unkempt, cackling fry cook. Cartoon-y music and talking roaches are the lumpy cream gravy, with one of the creepy crawlers ending matters with a hearty, "Hey, everyone, let's go out for dinnuh."

Every D-FW station at one time or another has done a variation on this time-honored ratings "sweeps" stunt, which was pioneered in the 1980s by investigative reporter Charles Duncan's recurring "Eat, Drink and Be Wary" dispatches for WFAA8. But the below promo is the best of show, epitomizing the overall cheesy nature of the rats, rodents and regurgitate beat.
Ed Bark