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Scott Pelley (mustache included)

CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley burnished his reporting skills for seven years at Dallas-based WFAA8 before heading to the network in 1989.

"WFAA was the greatest training possible for a young correspondent," he told unclebarky.com in an interview this past summer. Pelley also made a point of underscoring the indelible lessons he learned from late news director Marty Haag and assignments editor Bert Shipp, who recently published his first book, Details At 10.

It's been hard to find video of Pelley's work at WFAA8. But David Margulies, a former reporter/anchor at the station, recently posted his introduction to a Pelley story on a new Garland housing development gone awry.

I'd forgotten that Pelley sported a mustache back in the early '80s, which is when this report first aired. So check that out while also noting the crisp, concise job he does of laying out this story. No stagey voice inflections or visual props. Just a firm grip on things, with strong accompanying video adding to its impact.

As posted, though, the video has a 17-second blackout from the 1:23 to 1:40 mark. But it comes back up, and otherwise is perfectly clear. Watch for Pelley's closing standup, his left hand tucked in a suit coat pocket as he winds down to the end.