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High jump, Packers style: origin of the "Lambeau Leap"

Which Packer did it first? And if the coach's challenge option had existed back then, would the "Lambeau Leap" ever have gotten off the ground?

In Part 4 of Uncle Barky's Super Bowl-spurred ode to his native state Green Bay Packers, we rewind back to a Dec. 26, 1993 game between the Green 'n' Gold and the then Los Angeles Raiders.

On a weird play that probably should have been negated on two counts, future Hall of Famer Reggie White picked up an Oakland fumble and eventually lateraled the ball to safety LeRoy Butler. The former Florida State star, who played his entire pro career with the Packers, then cruised into the end zone and leapt into the arms of fans. No Packer player had ever done that before.

Upon further review, it looks as though Oakland running back Randy Jordan hit the ground before he coughed up the ball. Upon further further review, White can be seen stepping out of bounds while tossing the ball to Butler.

But the refs didn't see it that way and ruled the play a Packer touchdown. So whether it should have counted or not, the Butler did it and the Lambeau Leap was born. See for yourself.
Ed Bark