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Dad gummit: Houston's NBC station finds lots to like about WFAA8's promos

Dallas-based ABC affiliate WFAA8 is a little irked at Houston's KPRC-TV, which carries NBC programming.

The latter station's latest promotional spots look like mirror images of WFAA8's. So much so that WFAA8 vice president of product development Dave Muscari fired off a sharply worded comment to IDOPROMOZ,com, which collects and displays TV pitches.

"These are direct rip-offs of WFAA's 2008 image campaign," Muscari said of the KPRC spots, "right down to the style of chairs and the dad gum knick knacks on the shelving behind the anchors."

Muscari later elaborated a bit to unclebarky.com. "You get stations all over the country ripping us off all the time," he contended.

We'll let you be the judge, although Muscari obviously has a point. Here are four videos: