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Fun with Newy and Mary Jane

NBC5 sports anchor Newy Scruggs, among other North Texans swarming San Francisco, has noticed a pungent smell in the air around the Giants' AT&T Park.

"Right over there, there's some people smokin' weed. 'Because it's comin' this way," Scruggs said happily during one of his live reports this week.

Scruggs also noted, "They wanna see their team win, but they're all half-buzzed out . . . But unlike New York, they're not mean. They're nice people."

Stirring the pot has had at least one unintended consequence for Scruggs. Supporters of Proposition 19, which would legalize recreational use of marijuana in California, have posted his riffs on youtube and tagged them with a reggae-themed endorsement at the end.

Whether or not Scruggs would like to take you higher is not known at this time. Below is the very amusing video. Thanks to an unclebarky.com reader for calling attention to it.