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CW33 newsroom discovers that breasts are big

A commenter billing himself/herself as "PromoPeep" has come to the defense of Dallas-based CW33 and its sex-laced 9 p.m. newscasts.

"Get over it! It's the only station in town doing anything unique. More power to it," says PromoPeep.

True dat. And by that rationale, a projectile vomiting contest qualifies, too. Haven't seen that yet -- at least on a newscast.

Anyway, the below video is just for you, PromoPeep. It's CW33's recent discovery that full-bodied breasts are popular. And the reporter, of course, is resident sex specialist Shana Franklin.

Change nothing. Ship it untouched straight to The Daily Show for a surefire laff riot. "Unique" reporting of this caliber deserves a far wider audience. D-FW's very own CW33 should be allowed to show how far ahead of the curve it is as a provider of cutting edge news you can use for a new age of PromoPeeps.

But seriously, is there no shame at all over there? Wow.