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Picky Picky (Vol. 3)

More than 85 years of pavement-pounding: NBC5's Scott Gordon; Fox4's Fil Alvarado, CBS11's Bud Gillett and WFAA8's Jim Douglas

For now at least, D-FW's four major TV news providers retain at least a few well-traveled road warriors with odometers that somehow keep on ticking.

Given today's harsh, budget-slashing climate, though, any or all could be replaced any minute by a lower-salaried, toothsome vacant stare whom we'll call Stu "Not a Clue" Suckup. Before that happens, Picky Picky's latest interactive survey asks you to name the workaday reporter you'd most trust to tell your story correctly and intelligently.

We've limited the first batch of choices to four in the interest of a sharper-focused dialogue. But a future Picky Picky can always submit four more stalwarts if response to this one turns out to be more than a trickle.

Remember, none of the above are flashy special investigators or aspiring anchors. They're just out there doing what they do best -- spot news from all over North Texas. Here are your choices, with comments encouraged:

A. Scott Gordon (NBC5) -- The Peacock's resident Night Ranger has been hitting the streets for his station since 1994.

B. Fil Alvarado (Fox4) -- He's been in the saddle for almost 23 years at his current address.

C. Bud Gillett (CBS11) -- Worked 20 years at KDFW before being deemed expendable. CBS11 has been his home since 2000.

D. Jim Douglas (WFAA8) -- Spent 10 years at KXAS before joining WFAA8's news team in 1995.