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Billboarding The Defenders: another sign of the times

Flying the flag near the end of The Defenders. Photo: Ed Bark

Uncluttered home screens are another hallmark of TV's increasingly distant past.

This did seem to be a bit much, though. Those watching Wednesday's episode of CBS' latest 9 p.m. hit, The Defenders, were treated to the above "pop-up" during the closing seven minutes. The tease lasted only several seconds, but did manage to bisect the jaw line of series co-star Jerry O'Connell.

It's probably only a matter of time -- and a short time at that -- before whatever you're watching ends up looking like a NASCAR entry from start to finish. The current parade of recurring "bugs" -- plus the omnipresent network logo -- already is irksome enough. But of course it's only going to get worse. Count on it.

For the record, CBS11 indeed was the #1 LATE NEWS IN NORTH TEXAS!" Wednesday night, topping the field in total viewers and tying Fox4 for first place among 25-to-54-year-olds, the principal advertiser target audience for news programming. But that didn't make this brief intrusion any easier to watch. Did anyone switch channels in protest? Or were you reeled in?