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Tipping allowed? Reporter Jeff Crilley's side business offers how-to guidance on how to make news

Hungry for exposure? Want to reel in a TV reporter hook, line and sinker? Fox4 reporter Jeff Crilley may have a Horse Whisperer's delivery on the air. But he's otherwise a pumped-up traveling carnival barker whose paid seminars have attendees blowing bubbles and going cuh-razy for him.

Basically put, Crilley schools PR types in the art of orchestrating the news. A companion Web site flogs a Crilley-authored book billed as "a start-to-finish guide to making yourself a media darling while raking in a fortune in free publicity."

Below is Crilley's very own testimonial video, one of many he's been posting on youtube for the past year or so. Still, it's the first I've seen or heard of them, so my bad.

You be the judge of whether Crilley should be straddling both sides while still an almost nightly presence on Fox4's featured newscasts. Seems like a clear violation to me, and especially disappointing from a guy who's on-air work is generally air-tight. But we live in times when ethical questions prompt yawns from lots of viewers and shrugs from many who run today's TV news rooms. The bar's already low enough for limbo.
Ed Bark