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Bad karma? Hope not. Made-in-Dallas The Good Guys has a title previously used by a brain-decaying sitcom

As noted in a recent post, Fox's action-comedy cop series, The Good Guys, continues to shoot in the Dallas area while the network readies it for a May 19th premiere.

This title previously was taken by a super-lame late 1960s CBS sitcom starring Bob Denver as cab driver Rufus Butterworth. Fox has started airing promos for its second coming of The Good Guys, but they're not available for embedding or linking yet. So the best we can do is this stupefying open-and-close for the original, which somehow lasted two seasons. Was the worst TV could offer really that bad back then?

Initially titled Code 58, Fox's Good Guys, which co-stars Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks, is from the fertile mind of Burn Notice producer Matt Nix. It can't help but be a gazillion times better than this: