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Not that long ago, NBC5 actually had teams of TV gumshoes

Yeah, some of these investigations could be pretty trumped up. Remember some of the many-splendored adventures of Marty Griffin?

But at least Fort Worth-based NBC5 (KXAS) used to have the will and the time to dig a little deeper before disbanding its detective unit after the turn of the century. It remains the only major North Texas TV news provider without at least one full-time investigative reporter.

Return with us now to a 2000 KXAS promo for "The Investigators," starring Jay Gray and Sabrina Smith.

Before that, the station's "Public Defenders" team (in a 1994 spot) included Smith and Mike Androvett, who definitely was the best of the bunch.

Gray is now a reporter for the NBC network news division.

Androvett founded Dallas-based Androvett Legal Media & Marketing in 1995. The company is still in business and also has offices in Houston.

Smith, who left NBC5 in 2006, apparently is out of the TV news and media business. But if any readers know her whereabouts or occupation, please provide further details in the comments section.