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(Pea)body count: WFAA8 quickly trumpets latest win with in-your-face promo

WFAA8's latest Peabody award, noted Thursday in these spaces, has prompted a quick-turnaround promo on the part of the Dallas-based ABC affiliate.

Investigative reporter Byron Harris, who won his second Peabody, isn't mentioned in the 30-second spot. But the station's grand total of seven is trumpeted and thensome.

"Seven times," says the voice-over. "That's right. WFAA, 7. All other local stations combined, 1. And that was 1984. What kind of news are you watching?" Viewers are then urged to watch WFAA8's 10 p.m. news, which ran second in the February ratings "sweeps" behind CBS11.

That 1984 Peabody was won by KDFW-TV (Ch. 4) anchor Clarice Tinsley, who fronted a report on a problematic 911 call response. WFAA8's first Peabody came in 1986. Here's the spot. How does it play with you?