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Daybreak personalities get "Uppet" treatment

@unclebarkycom on Twitter

OK, this is genius.

If CBS11 can promote its early morning newscast by positioning the personalities as purveyors of free coffee, then TEGNA8’s rival Daybreak can cast its four mainstays as “Uppets.”

It’s all tied to Tuesday night’s premiere of ABC’s The Muppets. Or as co-anchor Ron Corning put it on Twitter, “This takes cross-promotion to a whole new level!!!”

The brief spot also gets “Uppet”-y with Corning’s desk partner, Alexa Conomos, meteorologist Greg Fields and traffic reporter “Cpl. Nick.” It’s fun, it’s harmless, enjoy.

Who has 8 felt thumbs and is pumped up about The Muppets ABC taking over prime time tomorrow night? The #IAmUppets!

Posted by News 8 Daybreak on Monday, September 21, 2015

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