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Spiked punches: Cuban pummels Trump on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank co-star Mark Cuban, who initially greeted Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy with considerable enthusiasm, has lately rebooted and signed off.

He opened Wednesday’s live convention edition of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show with a “Takes the Gloves Off” volley of jokes targeting the fellow billionaire businessman. Below is the complete video of Cuban’s hits -- and misses.

In a subsequent interview during the show’s second half, Colbert missed an opportunity to ask Cuban about his “We Are One” t-shirt (to which he changed) tied to the July 7th sniper attack in downtown Dallas that left five officers dead. Just a single reference at interview’s end would have sufficed. But Colbert instead asked Cuban about his days as an Indiana University student and what he thought of that state’s Mike Pence, who’s Trump’s running mate. Cuban graduated with a business degree from the university in 1981, which was 19 years before Pence was first elected to Congress. So Cuban not surprisingly had no opinion and in fact seemed incredulous that the question was even asked.

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