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Shaped like a racetrack, kringles are the thoroughbreds of pastries (and perfect for your Packer backer Super Bowl party)

Perhaps you've noticed that Uncle Barky is just a bit excited about his native state Green Bay Packers making their inaugural visit to Jerry's Palace as one of the teams in Super Bowl XLV.

So here's the second in a series of Badgerland-themed mini-posts. This one is a tribute to Little Barky's birthplace, Racine, WI, and its singular claim to fame -- the Kringle. It's an inimitable Danish pastry made only in a place whose onetime trademark factories have mostly shut down. But you can still order one of the best baked goods on the planet from Racine's one and only O&H bakery. They'll be the hit of any Texas-based Green 'n' Gold fan's Super Bowl party, so act now if you want to get yours in the mail. Did I mention they're indescribably delicious? They are, with the pecan and apple versions in a league of their own.

Here's a homey little ad from O&H, which isn't providing any kickbacks in return. But we have ordered kringles in the past, and they arrive in great shape, ready to impress both you and your guests.
Ed Bark