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WFAA8: "We share tears and belly laughs and big bear hugs"

@unclebarkycom on Twitter
Dallas-based WFAA8’s first big image campaign as a Gannett-owned entity is a cup running over with made-for-TV sincerity.

The “We Share” mantra has a homespun, back porch feel while also being firmly in step with the more urgent “social media” beats of Facebook and Twitter. A male narrator, with a voice that could butter your popcorn, beckons viewers to join as one with a TV station that yearns to be your interactive Care Bear.

“At News 8, we don’t just report. We share.”

“We share tears and belly laughs and big bear hugs.”

“We share our opinion and ask you to do the same.”

Not only that, “we share our Doppler radar.” (Somehow that just doesn’t sound right.)

And for the big finish: “We dig, we hunt, we uncover -- and then we don’t just report it. We share. Let’s share.”

Shall we?

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