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DeSoto PD's "Corporal Nick" among auditioners for uniformed traffic reporter vacancy on WFAA8's Daybreak

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Could “Corporal Nick” be the one?

This much is certain. The veteran DeSoto police officer -- full name Nick Bristow -- has auditioned with Daybreak co-anchor and former traffic reporter Alexa Conomos for the role of D-FW television’s first uniformed roads scholar.

As previously posted, WFAA8 plans to go this route after recently dropping Shane Allen from its early morning team. San Antonio’s KSAT-TV, also an ABC affiliate, currently has two police officers on the traffic beat for the station’s Good Morning San Antonio.

Two of Bristow’s audition tapes have surfaced on youtube. The bald, chunky beat cop is in full uniform for both. He’ll mark his 20th anniversary with the DeSoto police department this November, Bristow told Conomos.

His traffic summations are a little rough in spots. Collin County is twice pronounced “Colon County” and Bristow also loses his place at one point while relying on a piece of paper as a cheat sheet. “Sorry. Damn!” he says. He signs off with “That’s Good Day traffic. Back to you, Alexa.” She then giggles at the mistaken reference to Daybreak’s No. 1-rated early morning competitor, Fox4’s Good Day.

Bristow is steadier on the draw during a Q&A with Conomos. He amiably talks about the travails of raising three sons, including 15-year-old twin boys. After noting that Bristow is an Elvis Presley impersonator, Conomos requests “Blue Suede Shoes.” Bristow instead opts to sing a few bars of “Suspicious Minds” after noting that he moonlights as Elvis for extra money and performed at the DeSoto police department’s Christmas party.

WFAA8 news director Carolyn Mungo has declined to answer an email inquiry about the station’s traffic reporter plans. Weekend traffic reporter Marlene Hilton filled in last week on the Monday-Friday editions of Daybreak.

Here are “Corporal Nick’s” two video auditions in WFAA8 studios. (NOTE TO READERS: WFAA8 SINCE HAS PULLED BOTH VIDEOS DOWN.)

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