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You, too, can be an unclebarky.com backer (and it won't cost you a cent)

Unclebarky.com launched more than eight years ago as the D-FW market’s only independent local and national TV website.

There have never been any of those irksome pop-up ads (not that I’d know how to do them, anyway). Nor have there been any subscriber fees (and never will be).

Here’s one way you can help, though, and what better time than the holiday season. If you’re an amazon.com shopper, simply click first on any amazon ad on any unclebarky.com page. You’ll be taken directly to amazon.com to make the purchases you were going to make anyway. The difference being that a small commission will go to your friendly content provider for any buys you make. The size of the commission will depend on the amount you spend.

No purchase is too small, and certainly none are too big. In the past, the holiday months of November and December have generated the heaviest traffic to amazon via unclebarky.com. The money doesn’t exactly pour in. But even $100 a month in commissions covers the expenses of running this site.

Anyway, that’s the pitch, and feel free to tell a friend. Above all, your support and continued readership are always much appreciated. In fact, they’re priceless.
Ed Bark