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Drive, they said: Fox4 sports anchor Mike Doocy won't be flying high to Cowboys training camp

Mike Doocy will travel by land to Cowboys training camp. Photo: Ed Bark

At least he's not having to hitchhike. Well, that's not in the game plan anyway.

While his competitors leave on jet planes this weekend for Dallas Cowboys training camp, veteran Fox4 sports anchor Mike Doocy will be a ground trooper.

Playing along, Good Day co-anchor Lauren Przybyl asked him during a live segment Wednesday, "I hear you're driving. Is that true?"

"You waste an opportunity by actually flying over all these states on the way to California," Doocy replied. "Let's drive through and get a little feel for the nation . . . It's all about America. It's all about loving America. That's why we're driving to Cowboys training camp."

Not quite. Doocy's a good and loyal soldier who will have to stand by this story. In reality, sources close to the situation say that Fox4 management didn't want to spring for two round trip plane tickets (for Doocy and his photographer) plus a rental car for the planned two-week stay in Oxnard, CA. Budgets are tight, even when the Cowboys are at stake and Fox4 carries the majority of their regular season games.

So it was strongly suggested that Doocy and his designated photo-journalist drive the nearly 1,500 miles from Dallas to Oxnard, where the first full practice is scheduled for Monday after owner Jerry Jones' annual state-of-the-team speech on the day before.

They'll be making stops in New Mexico and Arizona during the three-day jaunt, Doocy said on Good Day. And their mode of transportation will be a Fox4 company vehicle, not the longhorn-adorned pink convertible the station is using to illustrate the trip.

Doocy estimated it will take 22 hours driving time, and he plans to regularly update his travels via Twitter and Facebook. Since it's a company vehicle, Fox4 won't have to pay mileage. Lodging enroute is likely to fall somewhere in the vicinity of Best Western and Motel 6. And maybe the boys can split Whataburger value meals for lunch and dinner unless management orders them to pack sandwiches and drinks in a cooler before taking off.

Still, these things have a way of working out. And although Doocy will be kidded mercilessly at training camp, he'll at least have an out-of-body experience that could be a promotional plus as well.

It's completely safe to say, though, that WFAA8 sports anchor Dale Hansen wouldn't be caught dead driving all the way to Oxnard. And if station management tried to mandate such a trip, his response would go something like "You &*%#@* cheap bastards can kiss my *^#@!% ass all the way into next week if you think I'm gonna take a **%#*@!% road trip all the way to the &*%^#@ Cowboys training camp. Have I made myself *^$@& clear?

And then he'd really let 'em have it.

Meanwhile, we wish safe travels for Doocy and his Fox4 photographer. "Break a leg," as they say for good luck in show biz. Or in this case, "Blow a tire."

Send ol' Uncle Barky a postcard, too, if you would. But don't try to pad that particular item on any expense account you might have. 'Cause that definitely would be a fireable offense.