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Good Karma: Dallas filmmakers land distributor for low budget movie

Karma Police's John Venable (left) and CBS11 reporter Jay Gormley

It's taken awhile, but Dallas filmmakers John Venable and Jay Gormley at last have found a distributor for their low-budget, made-in-Dallas film, Karma Police.

Gormley, who's also been a reporter with CBS11 since 1997, said the movie will be released on Netflix and Blockbuster Entertainment on Feb. 10th after being picked up by Chatsworth, CA-based Westlake Entertainment.

Venable wrote and directed Karma Police, with Gormley the film's assistant director. The two have been collaborating since forming Parkview Place Pictures in 2002.

Karma Police was filmed in spring 2007. Its principal star is veteran Dallas stage actor Chamblee Ferguson, who's previously had small roles in several feature films, including The Newton Boys and A Scanner Darkly.

John Wesley Shipp, best known of late for his role as Dawson Leery's father on Dawson's Creek, has a supporting role as a publishing company CEO who runs afoul of "the world's largest secret organization," a k a the Karma Police.