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New Larry Mowry promo a nice howdy do

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It’s all about selling the goods and making the talent seem relatable to me and you and a boy named Sue.

CBS11 makes that sale with its new country music-themed spot for chief meteorologist Larry Mowry. Not coincidentally, it debuted on the Friday before the April 19th Academy of Country Music awards ceremony at Jerry’s Palace.

A baritone-voiced twanger accompanied by a giddy up and go drum/guitar combo touts the still boyish-faced Mowry as “the weather expert for all the Lone Star State.” Therefore, “you’ve gotta listen to Larry. You know he’ll get it right.”

For his part, beaming Larry looks like the kind of guy you’d totally trust with a whole fleet of spankin’ new pickup trucks, your first-born daughter and a signed first edition of Lonesome Dove.

That’s his real-life oldest daughter, straightening his tie in the opening shot before he high-fives her. Mowry also can be seen doing a brief steering wheel drum solo; nuzzling a dog; shaking a hand; happily submitting to the inevitable selfie shot with a contented commoner; and huddling in the CBS11 weather center with colleague Jeff Jamison. That’s the one time he’s serious-faced.

Mowry has been with CBS11 since January 2008. That’s long enough to pitch him as a guy who thoroughly knows the territory. Here’s the best-of-show spot on his behalf. Its only cinematic blemish is a very briefly seen pink circle on the back of his head that makes Mowry look just a bit like a sunburned Trappist monk. Happy trails.

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