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Gordo's ready for his closeups. How 'bout you?

Rico Suave or Nacho Libre? Nobody knows the real Gordon Keith.

Comes the news, first reported on FrontBurner, that The Ticket's own Gordon Keith will be getting his own show next month on KFWD-TV (Channel 52).

Last seen panhandling in El Paso, Keith will be teaming with fun-loving Belo Corp., which has a "strategic alliance" with Ch. 52 and also owns WFAA-TV (Channel 8), The Dallas Morning News and Quick, for which he writes a weekly column.

Otherwise heard on The Ticket's (1310 AM) Dunham and Miller morning drive show, Keith can be seen at the midnight hour on Thursdays, beginning Feb. 15. Or so he says here.

Earlier in his pathetic, er, peripatetic career, Keith was a featured attraction on Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban's wild-eyed latenight TV show. There the veteran funnyman became best known for the tagline, "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss your brains goodbye." Actually he stole that one from Howard Hesseman, who made that observation while introducing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on a vintage People's Choice Awards show. True story.

Keith, whose observational humor has been compared to the disease Ricketts, can be relied on to bring a light Gallagher touch to his new TV endeavor. As a longtime admirer of his work, Uncle Barky says, "Break a leg -- and make it a compound fracture!"

But we kid Gordon Keith, also known as the Red Buttons of D-FW. In reality he's long been too big for this town. But then so was Colby Donaldson.