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NBC5's "Texas Connects Us" campaign (in full)

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If any D-FW TV station has ratings momentum right now, it’s Fort Worth-based NBC5.

As the November ratings “sweeps” near (Oct. 30th to Nov. 26th), the station continues to put its best promotional foot forward with the homegrown “Texas Connects Us” campaign, which easily is this year’s best image-enhancer.

The extended version, which you can see below, is beautifully shot and manages to make even a cavalcade of anchor selfies work to perfection. Principal reason: they’re shot amid regular folk. Or at least it sure seems that way.

Only complaint: let’s give a few of the longstanding reporters a little face time, too. Scott Gordon in particular. The “Night Ranger” has been pounding NBC5’s after-dark pavement for more than a decade now. Few D-FW reporters present a more familiar face.

Otherwise this is a homey, irresistible spot with an instantly likable theme song. In times when Gannett-controlled WFAA8 has put its longstanding “Spirit of Texas” campaign out to pasture, “Texas Connects Us” definitely hits home.