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A Leppert shows his spot

Former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert's 3 minute, 30 second "Why I'm Running" for the U.S. Senate pronouncement has been up for a few days on both his official website and you tube. But I couldn't resist the above headline, so what the hell.

Nor can I resist saying that it's easier listening to Charlie Sheen than to this gooey keep-the-feds-out-of-our-lives "true Texas conservative" glop. Which is accompanied by piano and string Muzak and also includes another patented Leppert reference to his sainted mother, who raised him on her own and "balanced the checkbook" every month.

Wearing a baby blue shirt with a buttoned down collar, Leppert solemnly mouths all the standard issue pieties while standing next to what looks like either a jail cell or a window with burglar bars, but is probably neither. Be assured he won't vote for any legislation that further allows Washington to intrude on our lives. Because that's the way he rolls as a true-blue crusader for the private sector.

Double ugh, with a splash of prune juice. Does he really expect people to swallow this?