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Eeeeeee! reptile dysfunction

News anchors and talk show hosts regularly get themselves into these predicaments. A designated reptile handler arrives onstage and hilarity/fear ensue. So we start off September by presenting this three-way faceoff among:

A. Former NBC5 anchor Michael Scott and a leapin' gecko. Warning: this is the gold standard and quite possibly unbeatable in the annals of impromptu responses to unexpected reptilian developments. Still high-larious seven years later.

B. TXA21 anchor Nerissa Knight's petrified response last February to a visiting rattler. The station's sportswoman, Gina Miller, then calmly steps in and seems right at home.

C. An excerpt from Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien's jittery reaction last week to a snake and trainer Nigel Marvin, who'd already been bloodied below the right ear by a previous creature.

Who's best of show? Let the scales of justice prevail.