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Daybreak, circa 1998: In primitive pre-Corning times, WFAA8 promoted the team of Sams, Redmond and Kahanek

You've perhaps noticed that WFAA8 Daybreak co-anchor Ron Corning is "Taking Over the Morning" as part of an ongoing promotional campaign.

Thirteen years ago, the Dallas-based station's Daybreak promos skipped the comedy and touted the show as "Beyond What You'd Expect" from a waker upper. A then svelte 'n' studly Scott Sams was Daybreak's leading man, with Gina Redmond co-anchoring and Kristine Kahanek doing the weather updates.

Both Sams and Kahanek eventually made their ways to rival CBS11 for tours of duty. Sams is now a morning man at KRLD radio (1080 AM), Kahanek is writing children's books and Redmond broke a long silence last fall after being involved in a 2002 barroom altercation while anchoring for a Pittsburgh TV station. She's lately running her own production company after a five-year stint at a Birmingham, Alabama TV station ended in July 2010.

In perhaps simpler times for all three, here's the 1998 Daybreak promo: