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Daybreak gets "More Ron!" (ic?)

No. 1, they seem to be working, because WFAA8's Daybreak lately is coming on pretty fast in the early morning Nielsen ratings.

No. 2, I don't think they've quite jumped the shark yet, although the Dallas-based station might be tempting fate with a new "More Ron!" spot. It's the latest comedy caper in a concerted campaign for dawn patrol leading man Ron Corning.

The earlier "Taking Over the Morning" promos co-starred sports anchor Dale Hansen as Corning's wizened Yoda. Now the "kid" is taking matters into his own hands, brandishing a "More Ron!" t shirt in the company of his Daybreak co-anchor, Cynthia "Izzy" Izaguirre.

"More Ron. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it," she says with a nicely turned deadpan delivery from their Daybreak anchor desk.

"It's perfect!" Corning crows.

"Yeah, it's perfect all right," Izaguirre agrees.

WFAA8 arguably is walking a high wire here. Do you really want one of your key anchors to in effect be perceived as a borderline moron? But the spot also gives Izaguirre a chance to re-shine after taking a back seat to the newcomer since his campaign began earlier this fall. And WFAA8 management is now fully on board with the notion that a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer in your pants is the way to go in the early mornings.

It's definitely given rival stations something to think about. WFAA8 is closing in on second-place NBC5 and no longer runs all that far behind reigning champ Fox4 in the 6 to 7 a.m. ratings. Meanwhile, CBS11's waker upper continues to take a dirt nap, shackled by a following CBS network morning show that virtually no one watches either locally or nationally.

Should Daybreak break through and overtake Fox4 some day, this will be seen as the ad campaign that started it all. Not that Fox4 and NBC5 will sit idly by and do nothing new in response. That is, unless they're morons.

Here's the latest Daybreak mini-comedy: