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Jake and Jilted: she dishes, he sits sullenly in sneak peek of their two-ring circus on Monday's Bachelorette

Official splitsville graphic for Jake Pavelka/Vienna Girardi. ABC photo

As fans of The Bachelorette well know, Dallas pretty boy Jake Pavelka and his Venus Flytrap, Vienna Girardi, will "confront" each other on the hit summer show's Tuesday, July 5th edition.

In ABC's first "sneak peek" at their sit-down, Girardi tells all-ears host Chris Harrison why she took their breakup to "the tabloids." Pavelka, a pilot by trade, affixes a grim countenance and waits his turn.

Pavelka co-hosted WFAA8's supplicant Good Morning Texas on Friday and Monday without spilling any of the juice he's been saving for other media outlets. He'll pop up again nationally on ABC's Bachelor Pad spinoff, which is scheduled to premiere on Aug. 9th.

Their post Bachelor breakup has provided a summertime feast of spillage, with Girardi mouthing off to The Star while Pavelka took his grievances to the slightly higher brow People. Both posers are getting what they want -- star treatment -- and what they deserve -- rampant ridicule. Hey, someone had to take Tiger and Elin off the frontburner. They're s-o-o-o-o-o yesterday now.

Here's the clip: