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Former local TV news anchors Judy Jordan, Bob Gooding could use your good words

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Judy Jordan in recent KYTX photo; Bob Gooding from WFAA days.

Judy Jordan and Bob Gooding, two stalwart D-FW news anchors from decades past, are battling cancer in their later years.

Jordan made history in the mid-1960s when she became D-FW's first female news anchor. Dubbed the "First Lady" of local TV news, she anchored at KDFW-TV (Channel 4) from 1966 to 1980. Jordan has been diagnosed with colon cancer, confirmed former Ch. 4 news director Eddie Barker, who both hired and promoted her during his long career at the station.

Jordan most recently anchored at Tyler's KYTX-TV from 2005-'07. While there she endured the brief but attention-grabbing tenure of former wrestling "uber vixen" Lauren Jones, star of the 2007 Fox series Anchorwoman, which was canceled after just one episode.

In May 2007 comments to unclebarky.com, Jordan seemed to be at least a bit bemused by the idea of her station being hit by a blonde bombshell.

"I just hope our pin-up lady turned noveau news anchor is ready to fight for truth, justice and the American way, and willing to throw off any excessive pizzazz, which doesn't have much of a track record in journalism," Jordan said. "But then again, it is picking up speed, isn't it?"

Gooding anchored at WFAA-TV (Channel 8) from 1961 to 1979. For part of that time he teamed with Murphy Martin, who died last July.

Gooding, 76, is in the most extreme stage of the sarcomatoid carcinoma strain of cancer, his son, also named Bob, said in a letter forwarded by former WFAA anchor Tracy Rowlett. "This cancer has infected his lymph nodes and his adrenal gland. It is sure to spread from there."

Gooding said that his father has decided against further treatment or tests: "Dad said that since his dad had died at 68 and he is now 76, he feels as if he's on borrowed time anyway . . . He said there's a difference between life and living. Instead of trying to prolong his life for an extra month or two, he was ready to live the rest of his life."

Your kind thoughts and prayers for Judy Jordan and Bob Gooding no doubt would be greatly appreciated.