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Bad with the good: Revisiting the last very painful time the Pack played Pittsburgh

Native Wisconsinites like Uncle Barky understand that the Green Bay Packers can't win 'em all -- and for most of the '70s hardly won at all.

But if Super Bowl XLV ends the way the last Packers-Pittsburgh matchup did . . . well, I'd rather endure the entire six-season run of The Nanny in one sitting.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were in the booth, as they will be on Feb. 6th at Cowboys Stadium, for the Dec. 20, 2009 game between the Ben Roethlisberger-led Steelers and the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers. The Green 'n' Gold led 36-30 at Pittsburgh, with time left for just one more play from the Packers' 19 yard line.

The below video, brought to you by Root Canals 'R' Us, shows what happened next in this game of unforgiving inches. No way it can happen again. No way in a million years. No way in a trillion years. Memo to self: Buy voodoo doll. Dress in Steelers uniform with No. 7 on back. Start piercing. Best to take all precautions.
Ed Bark