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TV rube from Packerland: "I'm lookin' at your vast array of meats here"

Hey, us Wisconsin natives are a simple folk. Nothin' too exotic. Just give us a beer, a brat and a Packer jersey. Spare the cheese hat, though. 'Cause really, they aren't Dairyland's equivalent of a Cowboy hat, despite what you may have heard and read.

Anyway, this installment of Uncle Barky's countdown to the Green 'n' Gold's appearance in Super Bowl XLV brings you a barbecue joint dispatch from Green Bay's WFRV-TV. All of the local stations have sent teams to these parts for home-cooked coverage of the Pack and appropriately half-baked looks at all things Texas.

In this Peabody-worthy story, perky Millaine Wells gets the lowdown on Dickey's "vast array of meats" while cannily dropping in a bratwurst reference.
Ed Bark