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This just in: "What they told us about their affairs could save your marriage"

We're on the cusp of the highly eventful November "sweeps" ratings period, which begins Thursday, Oct. 29th and stretches to the day before Thanksgiving.

To get you in the proper mood, here's a cavalcade of recent promotions from CBS11, with an emphasis on 10 p.m. newscast shockers and meteorologist Larry Mowry's tireless work during dire weather.

The below video runs for 8 minutes, 15 seconds, with the weather promos kicking in at the 3:25 mark before yielding to sports spots six minutes of the way through. Dessert is three "Get Healthy Texas" come-ons.

Perhaps you'll find them addictive, mind-numbing or both. But in one big gulp, here's how local news stations try to hook you -- time and time again. Happy sweeps. Unclebarky.com will have 'em covered after returning from a short sojurn to Chicago.