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"The storm is not part-time. And neither is Larry Mowry."

Ask any station GM or shrunken-time sports anchor and they'll tell ya: Weathercasters increasingly hold the keys to the kingdom.

Bad weather days can be ratings windfalls, of course. That's when D-FW's featured forecasters leap to the forefront of newscasts and flex their crazy-scary, Palo Pinto County-centric maps and graphics. Then it's time to camp out all night and into the next morning if necessary. Because there's no better asset these days than a go-to guy when the wind's pickin' up, the rain's comin' down or an "arctic blast" is gettin' ready to party.

CBS11 still has the newest featured temperature taker in town. But Larry Mowry's been logging lots of air time since arriving in these parts just over a year ago. His station's also been selling him ever since, and he seems to be slowly growing on people. Or maybe not. Anyway, here's a recent testimonial from a Fort Worth woman who's obviously been scripted on Larry's behalf. Even so, Betsy Dalton still sounds as though she's just shootin' the breeze.