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Leno's last Tonight Show is nigh (presumably)

Jay Leno’s second eviction notice as host of NBC’s Tonight Show comes due on Thursday, Feb. 6th. He’ll welcome final guests Billy Crystal and Garth Brooks, with some “surprises” also in store.

Your friendly content provider has a cnn.com commentary on Leno’s legacy, NBC’s treatment of him and the upcoming changing face of late night TV. You can find it right here.

Also, on our Back Channels page, we reprise an extensive 1995 interview with Leno in his Tonight Show office. It pre-dated Tonight’s Hugh Grant ratings explosion by just a few months. But Leno was steadily gaining on CBS’ Late Show with Letterman when we went one-on-one. You can find that piece right here.

Plus, Wednesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings gave Fox one last ratings boost before NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage kicks in Thursday night.
Ed Bark