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Glee stars help plan your Super Bowl party while Uncle Barky keeps pushing Packers

That crock pot Super Bowl XLV party dip from Glee star Matthew Morrison actually sounds awfully good. Plus, the Cowboys could have had Clay Matthews but instead squandered three draft picks on Roy Williams. Our latest little Packer backer entry clotheslines Jerry Jones while extolling Green Bay's goldie-locked He-Man.
Ed Bark

NBC5 gives Scruggs 'n' Barrie a wingwoman

Fort Worth-based NBC5 has hired Rontina McCann from a Cincinnati TV station to bolster its two-man sports staff. Get the details here. Also, the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings show that even the NFL's lamest showcase, the Pro Bowl, can draw a pretty large crowd.
Ed Bark

Syfy's Mega Python Vs Gatoroid a perfectably respectable way to waste a Saturday night

I've been meaning to watch one of these Saturday night Syfy network original monster fliks. And Mega Python Vs Gatoroid, starring Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, presented what looked like a perfect opportunity. Had to shift into full-blown Uncle Barky mode of course. His review is here.

Also, our series of odes to your friendly content provider's native Green Bay Packers continues with the origin of the "Lambeau Leap." And the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings show significant Idol slippage from a week ago, but not enough to keep it from again squashing all competing programs.
Ed Bark

CMT's Working Class throws another loud, broad retro sitcom on the fire

These old-school retro sitcoms are starting to get old in a hurry. The latest basic cable network to take the plunge is countrified CMT, where former Reba co-star Melissa Peterman takes the wheel of Working Class with Ed Asner dispensing his usual guff. Our review is here.

Plus, our third in a series of Green Bay Packers vignettes has the knackwurst to revisit a particularly painful chapter -- the last Packers-Pittsburgh game. The latest D-FW ratings snapshot also is in. And at my home away from home, locatetv.com, there's a look at the latest CBS crimebuster series, with a spotlight on co-star Janeane Garofalo.
Ed Bark

FX's Archer gets cartoon exemption in terms of teen-themed sexual content

MTV's Americanized version of Skins continues to take heat for its portrayals of teen sex and drug abuse. But few are likely to raise hell about FX's animated Archer, which returns in fine provocative form with a Season 2 opener that depicts a topless 16-year-old temptress. We discuss here. Plus, the second in a series of Wisconsin native Uncle Barky's Super Bowl XLV run-up is a tribute to hometown Racine's singular achievement -- the Kringle.
Ed Bark

Making up is hard to do on new Syfy Face Off series starring special effects aspirants

At least it's not about weight loss, kiss-offs or cooking. Syfy's Face Off, premiering Wednesday, instead is a fairly fascinating competition among makeup artists who hope to transform themselves into behind-the-scenes movie or TV stars. Our review is here. Plus, we have a network-by-network breakdown of President Obama's State of the Union ratings in D-FW. And our first installment in a sometimes cheesy pre-Super Bowl series looks at a vintage shaving commercial starring three legends from Uncle Barky's native state Green Bay Packers.
Ed Bark

Gasp, Judy Woodruff has publicly shared opinions (even though she insisted she didn't); plus, a look at the Rivers' latest yuck

Judy Woodruff made a big, big point during the recent TV Critics Association "press tour" about how she never shares her views on the news in a public fashion. That's a good way to invite further scrutiny, which you'll find here. Also, Joan and Melissa Rivers have another alleged "reality" series coming Tuesday night. Our review is here. Plus, we break down the D-FW Nielsen ratings for Sunday's big NFC and AFC championship games.
Ed Bark

Olbermann abruptly out at MSNBC (should CNN come calling?)

Keith Olbermann and his MSNBC Countdown program hit the streets Friday night after the network sacked the volatile commentator. So what now? We slice and dice here.
Ed Bark

Picturing the Jan. 2011 network TV "press tour"

Get up-close with Oprah, Conan, Paris, Joan (yipes) and assorted other stars via your friendly content provider's latest TV "press tour" photo album. Start scrolling right here.
Ed Bark

Onion News Network a gut-buster; Idol holds off Big Bang

Sendups of cable news networks perhaps aren't all that necessary anymore. All you have to do is watch the real things. But Onion News Network is lotsa fun anyway -- while also being a savaging beast. Our review is here. Plus, the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings show Idol still flexing on Night 2 of its retooled Season 10. And at my home away from home, locatetv.com, creator/producer JJ Abrams frets about Fringe's new night while fessing up about Undercovers.
Ed Bark

Spartacus prequel cranks it up

Starz launches Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Friday night. Fans of the original's heavy-duty violence, language and nudity won't be at all disappointed. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

Idol re-flexes, crunching poor Paula among others/USA launches another light 'n' breezy drama series

Affixed with new judges and a more congenial 'tude, American Idol launched Season 10 Wednesday night. Go here to see how it did both locally and nationally. Plus, USA has another new series, this one called Fairly Legal with former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Sarah Shahi lookin' good in the lead. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

Tale of two sitcoms: TV Land again goes broad with Retired at 35 while NBC's Perfect Couples may make you wanna ralph

TV Land's new companion piece for Hot in Cleveland is similarly old-school and elderly while NBC again goes the twentysomething route with Perfect Couples, an abysmal addition to its all-night Thursday comedy bloc.

Plus, we offer both a marathon edition of "Local Nielsen Ratings Snapshot" -- and a li'l one that encompasses only Tuesday. There's also a heavily stocked new TV Bulletin Board.
Ed Bark

Son of Back to DFW: The Sequel (Part 2)

Your FCP (Friendly Content Provider) has returned from the annual winter network TV "press tour" with visions of the Green Bay Packers participating in the first Super Bowl held within the Wisconsin-sized confines of Jerry's Palace.

First though, beat the Bears.

Meanwhile, unclebarky.com has a catchup round of local TV developments plus reviews of two new series, NBC's Harry's Law and Syfy's Being Human. Plus, you can get a great big press tour fix by reading a start-to-stop compendium on locatetv.com. Also, watch for our soon-to-come press tour picture page on unclebarky.com.

As always, it's good to be back.
Ed Bark