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CNBC craps out with messy Republican debate

CNBC’s mishandling of Wednesday’s Republican presidential candidate debate wasn’t even debatable. Virtually everyone drew that conclusion, with Ted Cruz making the most of it while fellow “mainstream media” members got tarred by the CNBC brush. Our review is right here.

Also, Wednesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

Have a bloody riot with Ash vs Evil Dead

Fans of the bloodily amusing Evil Dead franchise can now get a weekly fix when Ash vs Evil Dead premieres Halloween night on Starz. Bruce Campbell is back in the saddle that fits him so well. And our review is here.

Plus, Tuesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” highlights the wild ’n’ wacky Game 1 of the World Series between the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets.
Ed Bark

The art of the deal: NBC's fawning re-embrace of Donald Trump

Less than four months ago, NBC publicly denounced Donald Trump for his controversial comments on illegal immigration and wrote him out of the network’s future business plans. Now he’s going to be hosting Saturday Night Live after also being treated like a Lion King on NBC Universal’s other “platforms.” We dissect the hypocrisy on the Network News & Reviews page.

Also, Monday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” spotlights the opening night performance of CBS’ Supergirl.

Two disparate dramas, Supergirl and Wicked City, coming next week to CBS/ABC

CBS takes a flyer with a comic book heroine with Supergirl while ABC follows a Sunset Strip serial killer in the period drama Wicked City. Our review of Supergirl is here and you can find the review of Wicked City right here.

Plus, Wednesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

D-FW's TEGNA8 hires Charlotte Huffman to fill investigative spot left by Byron Harris' retirement

Charlotte Huffman, from Philadelphia’s KYW-TV, will be joining Dallas-based TEGNA8’s investigative unit and replacing award-laden Byron Harris, who retired earlier this month. More details on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

NBC5's 2011 freshman reporter class has a lone survivor out of original eight

NBC5 Fort Worth correspondent Chris Van Horne has a distinction of which he may be unaware. Of the station’s tidal wave of eight new reporters hired in 2011, he’s the last one standing. Where have all the others gone? Take a look on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, Chris Elliott received the Dallas VideoFest’s Kovacs award at a Sunday presentation that easily could have gone much better -- but didn’t. Not that it was his fault. Details are here.

Plus, Monday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is in. And the weekend edition was posted earlier.
Ed Bark

Hallmark makes a home for Tom Selleck's new Jesse Stone movie; Chris and Bob Elliott get the Dallas Video Festival's Kovacs Award this Sunday

Bounced by CBS despite continued strong ratings, Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone movies get a new life on Hallmark. Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise premieres on Sunday, Oct. 18th, and our review is here.

Also, Chris Elliott will attend in person, and his father, Bob, via Skype, for this Sunday’s annual presentation of the Dallas Video Festival’s Kovacs Award. Read all about them on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Pratfalling Texas Rangers fall out of postseason on FS1

The Texas Rangers’ error-filled 7th inning collapse at Toronto wrote an end to their postseason Wednesday afternoon and early evening. D-FW ratings for the deciding Game 5 of the ALDS built to over 600,000 viewers near game’s end. We break it all down for you on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

NBC adds Truth Be Told to Friday sitcom mix

NBC’s Truth Be Told tries to mine laughs from the interracial friendship of a white college professor and a black standup comedian. It premieres on Friday, Oct. 16th, and our review is here.

Plus, Tuesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” spotlights CNN’s Democratic presidential debate.
Ed Bark

Why network "overnight" ratings remain anything but "virtually meaningless" to local stations

CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves was the latest to say it -- on CNBC Tuesday. The “overnight” Nielsen ratings are now “virtually meaningless” in light of all the alternative or delayed viewing. Tell that to the station managers across the land whose principal priorities are keeping the local newscast ratings from dying on various vines. Your friendly content provider speaks up for them because they really can’t say much publicly -- being owned from afar and all. Check out our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Revisiting an interview with former CBS News producer Mary Mapes a decade before Cate Blanchett plays her opposite Robert Redford in the feauture film Truth

Our Back Channels page recycles a November 2005 interview with former CBS News producer Mary Mapes on the eve of her book tour. Truth, the feature film based on that book, co-stars Cate Blanchett as Mapes opposite Robert Redford as Dan Rather. Mapes’ first print interview originated from her Dallas home, and it can be read anew right here.

Also, the Texas Rangers found themselves in a two-network time share for Monday’s Game 4 of the ALDS versus Toronto. The Dallas-Fort Worth TV page has all the local Nielsen numbers for both the MLB network and FS1.
Ed Bark

A superb restart for FX's Fargo plus the D-FW Nielsen numbers for a mega sports weekend

Fargo returns to FX on Monday, Oct. 12th with an all-new story and mostly new characters. It’s still in smashingly good form, and our review is here.

Plus, the Cowboys met the New England Patriots and the Texas Rangers had two ALDS games against Toronto as part of a very eventful sports weekend that also included Texas’ upset of Oklahoma. All of the numbers are on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Former Houston TV reporter Sonia Azad hired as new medical reporter at TEGNA8

Dallas-based TEGNA8 has made a move to fill the major void left by longtime medical reporter Janet St. James. Hired to replace her is former KTRK-TV reporter Sonia Azad, who has been a full-time yoga instructor for the past seven months. Details are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Reviews of FX's American Horror Story: Hotel and Hulu's Casual

FX premieres its fifth entry in the American Horror Story franchise, AHS: Hotel, on Wednesday, Oct. 7th. Lady Gaga heads the cast, but is it worth checking out -- or in? Our review is here.

Plus, Hulu has started streaming its new comedy series Casual, from executive producer Jason Reitman (Juno, Up In the Air). Unlike Netflix or Amazon, though, new episodes are being posted on a weekly basis. The review is here.

Also, Tuesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is in.
Ed Bark

Rangers clinch but Cowboys again eclipse them in D-FW Nielsen ratings

The Texas Rangers finally nailed down the AL West pennant Sunday by pounding the visiting Angels 9-2 behind Cole Hamels. The game ended at 5:02 p.m., well before the Dallas Cowboys’ 7:30 p.m. start at New Orleans. Still, another NFL game beat the Rangers head-to-head while the Cowboys’ 26-20 overtime loss drew close to seven times as many viewers as the North Texas Nine. The complete breakdown of D-FW’s weekend Nielsen numbers is on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Rangers' post-season clincher hits season ratings high but still can't beat out of town football

The Texas Rangers secured a spot in the post-season with Thursday night’s home win over the Angels. It drew a lot of eyeballs, but not nearly as many as Baltimore’s overtime win over Pittsburgh on Thursday Night Football. The complete D-FW ratings breakdown is right here.
Ed Bark

Beards all abloom among past/present late night talkers

David Letterman’s voluminous post-Late Show beard is the big attention-getter. But he’s not nearly alone among past, present and in-between-jobs late night talk show hosts. Our facial hair-palooza is on the Network News & Reviews page.

Plus, ABC’s Dr. Ken premieres on Friday, Oct. 2nd, and our review is here.

Also, Empire again ruled with an iron fist in Wednesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings.
Ed Bark