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Netflix flexes more star power with Costner/Harrelson in Bonnie/Clyde era The Highwaymen

Netflix is looking for a big bang for its bucks with The Highwaymen, in which Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson star as the dogged lawmen pursuing Bonnie and Clyde. Our review is on the Nat’l News/Reviews 2019 page.

Plus, NBC premieres the new sitcom Abby’s on Thursday, March 28th. And our review is here.
Ed Bark

Marcia Clark re-tries herself in ABC's trying The Fix

What if O.J. Simpson, under another name, was brought to trial for a new murder while Marcia Clark, also under another hame, got a second crack at him? ABC’s The Fix, a serial drama series created and produced by Clark, begins Monday, March 18th. And our review is on the Nat’l News/Reviews 2019 page.

Also, Dallas-based Fox4 hires a new reporter and the latest D-FW ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

SNL's Aidy Bryant breaks out on her own in Hulu's Shrill

Saturday Night Live and executive producer Lorne Michaels have been star makers for numerous cast members. The latest could be Aidy Bryant in Hulu’s Shrill. Our review is on the Nat’l News/Reviews 2019 page.
Ed Bark

Once upon a time, WFAA8 had an "I am not a Communist" clause in standard employee contract

Our Back Channels page strikes again by reprinting a story that originated in 1981, not the “Red Scare” 1950s. Even so, Dallas-based WFAA8 was still including a Communist/subversive clause in its standard employee contract. And a previously hired employee said he quickly became un-hired after crossing the provision off. Amazing but still no less true 38 years later. The complete chapter-and-verse story is right here.
Ed Bark

Daybreak mainstay Ron Corning is leaving WFAA8 after eight-year stay

His future destination remains unknown, even to him. But Daybreak anchor Ron Corning has decided to see what’s out there after eight years with the early morning WFAA8 program. All the details and comments from Corning are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Plus, we review Acorn TV’s Manhunt, whose three episodes began steaming on Monday, March 11th.
Ed Bark

D-FW exits: Fox4 sports reporter/anchor Edward Egros and CBS11 reporter MaryAnn Martinez

Fox4 and CBS11 are both losing on-camera news staffers.

CBS11 reporter MaryAnn Martinez already has left the building and Fox4 sports reporter/anchor Edward Egros will be departing at the end of this month.
Ed Bark