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Happy Easter to all my peeps -- the sequel

Upon further review, I prefer the above Easter picture to the one below. It's of Good Day co-anchor Lauren Przybyl and traffic reporter Todd Carruth, who had a "Peep-Off" during Friday's edition of the Fox4 waker upper.

This is harmless holiday fun, so your friendly content provider applauds this effort to spotlight the world's foremost sugary confection. That would be Peeps, and I've got a 10-pack of yellow chicks and a 12-pack of purple bunnies ready for slow but steady consumption over the holiday/holy day weekend.

Hey, it's a fat-free candy with 110 calories per 4-bunny serving and 140 calories for each 5 chicks. Ya gotta like those odds. And it's far better to down a pack of Peeps than the upcoming "KFC Double Down Sandwich."
Ed Bark