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Leaving on a jet plane (pretty much know when I'll be back again)

Your friendly content provider will leaving Friday morning to spend a week at the mid-season television critics "press tour" in Pasadena, CA. where various networks gather to sell themselves.

This time, though, I'll be doing actual paid work for locatetv.com (stingy Uncle Barky doesn't pay much of anything to his sole employee). So there'll be no further unclebarky.com postings until late next week, but numerous filings for locatetv. You can find them here, and I encourage you to do so periodically for the latest on what the networks have in mind.

Meanwhile, these spaces are well-stocked. We have new reviews of this Sunday's 20th anniversary Simpsons special and of next week's new and ultra-ribald/risque FX animated series, Archer. Also, what cable or broadcast network could you least do without? Escalating fee wars between cable providers and networks make this an ever-pertinent question. Your comments are welcome on our Network News & Reviews page. Plus, Fox abruptly has yanked the heavily promoted Our Little Genius after producer Mark Burnett cited "an issue with how some information was relayed to contestants." Get all the details on our TV Bulletin Board page.

As always, thanks for your continued support of unclebarky.com. It's a labor of love supplemented by the urge to make a little money once in a while.
Ed Bark