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Heading west to the Television Critics Association winter "press tour" (but not before leaving behind a big pile of midseason reviews)

The annual Television Critics Association winter "press tour" begins on the night of Jan. 3 and runs through Jan. 15th. Your friendly content provider again will make the trek, writing exclusively for locatetv.com. You can follow along daily by going right here.

Meanwhile, unclebarky.com will be on hiatus until mid-January. But not really, because our Network News & Reviews page takes the measure of 10 new series that will premiere during press tour and the day after. In chronological order, here they are, with accompanying links:

Angry Boys (Jan. 1, HBO)
Work It (Jan. 3, ABC)
The Firm (Jan. 8, NBC)
House of Lies (Jan. 8, Showtime)
Are You There, Chelsea? (Jan. 11, NBC)
The Finder (Jan. 12, Fox)
Rob (Jan. 12, CBS)
Napoleon Dynamite (Jan. 15, Fox)
Lost Girl (Jan. 16, Syfy)
Alcatraz (Jan. 16, Fox)

I hope this will keep faithful readers occupied. And if anything big happens locally while I'm gone, I'll do my best to tweet about it.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Ed Bark